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Bad Boys 2 Free Download Full Version PC Game

Bad Boys 2
is one of the worst action games of the last 10 years. It's not like the developer didn't have more than ample source material with which to make a good, old fashioned shooter. Featuring two wisecracking cops who bust up a lot of bad guys, the Bad Boys films were absolutely rife with game licensing potential. Yet somehow, all Blitz was able to turn in was this dumb, grating, and barely playable hack job of a game. When you take a moment to consider how much progress film based games have made in the last year or so, Miami Takedown really only serves as a cold reminder of a past we don't want to revisit.
The actual story in Bad Boys 2 is largely irrelevant. It has something to do with Colombian drug lords, Russian mobsters, dirty cops, and a lot of bad guys getting shot in the face. That's pretty much all you need to know. The whole game takes place across several "acts," each of which contains a few different stages. The actual missions aren't terribly involved. They basically tend to revolve around the typical "get from point A to point B and shoot everyone in your path" ilk. Occasionally, you'll have to protect your artificial intelligence-controlled partner (you control either Marcus or Mike, depending on the mission) or collect some evidence or what have you, but it's all pretty much incidental to your primary goal of killing lots and lots of people.
Bad Boys 2 Game is very similar to the first part of GTA. You're a guy who works for the Mafia. You can walk in the city and steal the cars you see. Just get close the a car and press Enter to get into it. You'll get different missions. Read the dialogues carefully to know what to do.

The first thing you'll notice about Bad Boys 2 is that Marcus Bennet and Mike Lowry don't look or sound anything like Martin Lawrence or Will Smith. The dialogue has the right feel quick, smirky, sarcastic and they deliver the lines pretty well across the board, but Empire could have picked a couple guys that at least tried to sound like their film counterparts, as Fox Interactive did with the Die Hard Trilogy several years back nother console title. Sigh. Anyways, this is a road bump that can be overcome, as long as the road is worth driving on. It's not. Yeah, I'll just get that out of the way.

 Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
System= Pentium 3 CPU 1.0 GHz
RAM= 256 MB
Video Memory= 64 MB

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