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Need For Speed Under Ground 2 Full Version Free Download Full Version

Need For Speed Under Ground 2

 NFS Under Ground 2 Full version PC Game Free Download. Best Car Game and Updated, Modified game of EA games. Download From Mediafire and  best hosting sites best quality full cars games.Need For Speed Under Ground 2 Free Download.Need For Speed Under Ground 2 Full Version Free Download.Need for Speed Underground 2 will challenge gamers to immerse themselves in the tuner culture, exploring an expansive, free-roaming city divided into five distinct neighborhoods. Gamers will encounter rival racers who will initiate events, tip players off to the hottest racing spots, and show them where to buy the most sought-after licensed aftermarket upgrades. The game will feature new game modes, deep new performance customization and tuning, and more than 30 licensed cars. The game also delivers twice the visual customization upgrades as the original game, providing a staggering 70 billion possible car combinations for total automotive self-expression.

The sequel to Need for Speed Underground has big shoes to fill, and it does so admirably, with vastly improved graphics, new gameplay modes, and an improved interface. The demo also pushes beyond the scope of the original, offering a "free roam" mode to explore the cityscape and challenge competitors at will, two types of "quick races" on two different tracks, and the ability to race other drivers online.

The graphics are the most obvious improvement. We only can describe them as truly awesome, even on lower settings. Lights on the bridge sparkle in the night sky, and mannequins in store windows catch your eye as you blaze past. Little things, such as pumping your hydraulics and bouncing down the avenue, make the experience even more fun. Racing is arcade style (it's awfully hard to destroy your car) and easy to learn, yet power drifting is an acquired skill that keeps the learning curve gradual, but long. The only knocks on this top-notch driving game are the ubiquitous product placements (a Cingular messaging system?), high system requirements, and large download size. Considering the depth and quality of Need for Speed Underground 2, though, most gamers can forgive those details.



Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7.

Pentium 4 with 2.0 GHz Processor.

512 MB of RAM.

Hard Disk Space:
1GB of Free Hard Disk Space.


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Prison Break The Conspiracy Free Download PC

Prison Break The Conspiracy is an action-adventure video game based on the first season of the Fox television series Prison Break, released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
It was released on March 19, 2010 in Germany, March 26, 2010 in the United Kingdom and Europe, and March 30, 2010 in North America. The game had been in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for release in February 2009, but was canceled when Brash Entertainment closed down. However, ZootFly continued the development and self-funded the project for 13 months. Once the game was polished and nearly finished, it was picked up by new publisher Deep Silver.
Prison Break: The Conspiracy is based around the events of the first season of Fox's convict drama. However' rather than play as main character Michael Scofield, you instead take control of Tom Paxton, an agent with covert organization 'The Company', who must go undercover as a prisoner within Fox River State Penitentiary in order to ensure that the falsely incarcerated Lincoln Burrows is executed by electric chair. The game is split into 9 chapters, all of which represent a part of the real story that the TV series followed.
The game has received generally unfavorable reviews with Metacritic scores of 42% and 40%for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions respectively. The Daily Telegraph described the game as "an abject failure on all counts," rating it 2/10. GamingXP said "For gamers who don’t have problems with linearity Prison Break: The Conspiracy offers an interesting adventure. Especially fans of the TV series will enjoy the story that is based on the first season."
Tom Mc Shea of GameSpot  says Prison Break: The Conspiracy suffers from "horribly inconsistent AI" and "sluggish controls," among other problems, while the staff at Official Xbox Magazine UK comically concluded their review of the game by saying “If you're a fan of Prison Break, why not consider assaulting some strangers and being sent to a real prison? You'll end up feeling marginally less violated than if you played this dog turd tie-in," ultimately giving the game a score of 3/10.
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OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2 GHz or AMD Equivalent
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Drive: 2 GB Free
Video Memory: 256 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 7800/ATI Radeon X1800)
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c

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AutoCAD 2008 Free Download

AutoCAD 2008 Free Download with Keygen Full versionAutoCAD 2008 2D and 3D Design Software Explore your design ideas with the powerful new features of AutoCAD 2008 software. Connect with Autodesk 360, share your designs with your social world, and work more productively with model documentation enhancements. And with AutoCAD Apps on Autodesk Exchange, it’s easier than ever to customize your AutoCAD experience
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Shape the world around you. 
AutoCAD delivers the speed, power, and flexibility to take documentation and design further. Design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features in AutoCAD 2008 software, one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D CAD design tools. Maximize productivity by using powerful tools for design aggregation and documentation, connecting and streamlining your design and documentation workflows. AutoCAD 2008 is available on Windows and Mac OS, allowing you to work natively on your platform of choice. Extend the power of AutoCAD when you purchase as part of the AutoCAD Design Suite, providing easy-to-use visual communication workflows. 
AutoCAD 2008 New Features Section and Details View 
A new model documentation tab provides easier access to tools for creating Section and Details views. Choose from common section methods including Full, half, offset, and aligned. Specify circular or rectangular boundaries for detail views. Constrain section lines and detail boundaries to key points in the drawing views to help maintain fidelity even as the model or layout change. Maintain consistency across multiple section or detail views with customizable view styles. 
Strike Thru Text 
A new strikethrough style is provided for Mtext, Mleaders, Dimensions, Tables and ArcText offering increased flexibility for representing text in your documents. 
Autodesk 360 Connectivity 
A tight connection with Autodesk 360 allows you to synchronize files. This includes syncing drawings and folders with your online account directly from within AutoCAD software. You can export and attach files directly to your single sign-on account and share files with others via your Autodeskonline account. 
Customization and Support File Sync 
You can easily share and access your AutoCAD customization preferences and support files to travel with you as you move from one machine to the next. 
Social Media Sharing 
Share your AutoCAD designs with your social world using built-in connections for Facebook andTwitter. 
AutoCAD Apps on Autodesk Exchange 
Easily extend the power of AutoCAD software using AutoCAD companion apps created by members of the Autodesk Developer Network. Getting the add ins you need has never been easier. Visit a single destination to select from hundreds of Autodesk approved extensions. 
Context Sensitive PressPull 
The PressPull tool is enhanced to be more flexible and context sensitive. Now you can use the PressPull tool to extrude and offset curves, creating surfaces and solids. A new Multiple option in the PressPull tool enables you to select multiple objects within a single PressPull operation. 
Inventor File Import 
Autodesk Inventor Fusion software adds to the 3D conceptual design capabilities of AutoCAD, enabling you to flexibly edit and validate models from almost any source. Enhanced interoperability allows you to edit solids in CAD blocks without exploding them. 
Surface Curve Extraction 
The new Surface Curve Extraction tool extracts isoline curves through a specified point on a surface or face of a solid. 
Modern User Interaction 
The AutoCAD user interface has been enhanced to provide a more seamless interaction with the software. You’ll find a less intrusive, yet more flexible command line, additional contextual ribbon tabs, and more objects with multi functional grips. This streamlined interaction with powerful tools, such as associative arrays and hatching help you save time and focus on your design. 
Property Edit Preview 
You can dynamically and instantaneously preview changes to object properties before applying them. For example, if you select objects and then use the Properties palette to change the color, the selected objects dynamically change color as you pass the cursor over each color in the list. 
Simplified Migration to AutoCAD 2008 
New and enhanced tools make it easier to migrate your custom settings or reset AutoCAD software to the default install settings. Improved handling of tool palettes, a reset tool that returns you to the default settings, and a new migration of custom materials help ease the transition to AutoCAD 2008 from AutoCAD 2007 or previous versions.
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1.     Install Autocad 2008 (Lunch Setuo exe) Click on Configure (After accepting license agreement) Click on Custom
Deselect sample
Click on Configuration and then install
2.     Start Autodesk 2008 and select Activate the product
When ask for activation select enter an activation code
Use as serial 653-10091821 or 655 98989898 or 655 69696969
Write down the request the code
3.     Fire up the xforce  keygen and generate an activation code
Based on your request code continue the registration process
Copy and paste generate activation code
Restart AutoCad  

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Download pack vista inspirat 2-1.0 Free Download



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Left 4 Dead 2 Game Free Download PC Full Version

Left 4 Dead 2 (abbreviated as L4D2) is a cooperative first-person shooter video game and the sequel to Valve Corporation's award-winning Left 4 Dead. The game launched on November 17, 2010, for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 in the United States and November 20 in Europe; in 2010, Left 4 Dead 2 was made available to the Steam client for Mac OS X. It builds upon the cooperatively-focused gameplay and Valve's proprietary Source engine, the same game engine used in the original Left 4 Dead. Set during the aftermath of an apocalyptic pandemic, Left 4 Dead 2 focuses on four new Survivors, fighting against hordes of the Infected, who develop severe psychosis and exhibit zombie-like tendencies. The Survivors must fight their way through five campaigns, interspersed with safe houses that act as checkpoints, with the goal of escape at each campaign's finale. The gameplay is procedurally altered by the "AI Director 2.0", which monitors the players' performance and adjusts the scenario to provide a dynamic challenge. Other new features include new types of Special Infected and an arsenal of melee weapons. On the 3rd of May 2013, it made it's Linux Debut.
The game made its world premiere at E3 2009 with a trailer during the Microsoft press event. Prior to release, it received a combination of positive and negative critical and community reactions. It attracted an unusually high volume of pre-release controversy about the game's graphic content. In response, alterations were made to the cover art and both Australia (due to having no R18+ rating at the time) and Germany refused to rate the unmodified edition. After release however, the game was met with positive reviews.
Like its predecessor, Left 4 Dead 2 is a first-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on cooperative gameplay. The game presents five new campaigns, each composed of three to five smaller maps. In the first maps of any campaign, the Survivors attempt to reach a safehouse, while the final stage requires the Survivors to call for rescue and either survive a prolonged onslaught until rescue arrives, pass through an especially challenging gauntlet of Infected to reach a rescue vehicle, or (in Dead Center and The Passing) collect and utilize fuel cans to enable their escape.
Each Survivor can carry up to one of each five categories of equipment. The main weapons are broken down into four tiers based on their availability and attributes.] Tier one weapons (such as the SMG and Chrome Shotgun) have a low ratio of damage for time and serve as your basic offensive weapon. Tier two weapons (such as the Assault Rifle andCombat Shotgun) carry a higher amount of damage per time unit and often appear in later maps of each chapter. The two tier three weapons (Grenade Launcher and M60) differ from one and two in the fact that they cannot refill their ammunition from ammunition dumps and generally there is only one or two at most of each per map. They carry a high damage ratio at the cost of limited ammo. Tier four weapons are all mounted weapon systems and carry unlimited ammunition. The mounted weapons carry the highest damage ratio but with constant use,glow white hot, overheat and stop working for a period of time. The mounted weapons are in set positions in maps and have a fixed arc of fire. They cannot be given ammunition pack upgrades to the bullets or utilize the laser sights attachment. Either a melee weapon or pistols are used as secondary weapons. Although melee weapons cause extra damage to Infected when struck, the Survivors can use any other weapon or item for weaker melee attacks that can push the Infected back. Players also carry a flashlight with infinite battery life and makes it possible to see in the dark, (with the downside of getting the attention of the Infected much faster). They may also carry a single first aid kit, special ammo pack, or a defibrillator; in addition to either pain pills or adrenaline shot. They may also carry a single throwable weapon—Molotov cocktails to set an area on fire; pipe bombs to attract any nearby Infected to the flashing light and sound it makes until it explodes; and Boomer bile, which attracts Common Infected to whatever it hits (e.g. fires, Special Infected, each other).
To enable situational awareness of other Survivors, players are shown the health and status of their fellow survivors. If a player does not have direct sight of another Survivor (e.g. a wall is blocking their view of the others), they will be shown the Survivor's highlighted silhouette. As Survivors take damage, they move slower; if a Survivor's health drops to zero, they become incapacitated and are left to fight off the Infected using a handgun until rescued by another Survivor. If a Survivor dies, they remain dead until the next level, unless revived by a defibrillator, or, in Campaign or Singleplayer mode, reappear in a "Rescue Closet" to be freed by other Survivors. Should all Survivors die or get incapacitated, the game ends, and players must restart that chapter.
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Ram: 1gb
Hard: 7.5 Gb
Video Card: 128
Cpu: intel Pentium 4 ,3.0 Ghz

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Dell Inspiron N4050 Laptop Serial ATA Driver Free Download

Dell Inspiron N4050 Laptop Serial ATA Driver Inspiron  Driver, SmartJavedAli.Blogspot.Com Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. This Driver pack is for Dell Inspiron N4050, also for Youth (Shahbaz Sharif) Laptops in Punjab using Window 7 64bits.
All Serial ATA drivers are within a. zip folder. Extract the folder and make “Double Click’’ to install this because the driver manager will never detect these files. When you double click, the driver setup files will be located to C:/ Dell folder and it will start automatically install after completion of extraction.
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